Thanks for joining us for our Xmas party on Moreton bay.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  Can you please reply with your mobile phone number, just in case we need to make contact with you urgently on the day?


Here is some information/FAQs about the day.  Please get in touch if you have any other questions.



I’ll send emails if there are further updates, but will also



Departure/Arrival times

  • We have the morning cruise.  Departing nice and early at 7.30 am.  They request passengers arrive 15 minutes before departure.  I believe they will have a waiver for us all to sign.  I know it’s an early start, particularly all the way out at Cleveland, but it’s an amazing morning once we depart.
  • We arrive back into the harbour at 12.30 pm, and anyone that wants to join us is welcome to kick on for a few afternoon drinks at the Fiction bar at Raby bay (which is about 2 minute’s walk from where we are dropped off).



What if the weather is bad? Will it be cancelled or postponed?

At the time of writing, the long-range forecast looks good, so touch wood; it remains so. Fingers and toes are crossed.  If the weather is going to be very bad, it will be postponed until sometime in the new year.  I’ll let everyone know if this is the case.



What if I can’t make it?

To enable the rest of us to depart on time please, please let us know if you cannot make it.  Email if you can’t make it, or if something happens Thursday morning and you can’t make it on the day, please send me an SMS on 0424 021 566.



Dietary information + Food & Drink

Lunch and morning tea will be provided.  There will be Gluten free and Vegan options by default. 

But if you have any specific allergies or dietary requirements, please let me know, and I’ll pass this information on.

Drinks are provided.



What do I need to bring?

Footwear suitable for a boat, towel, swimmers, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses etc.  We’ll get a big sunscreen too.



When & where does it depart from, and how to get there?


It departs here:

The Public Pontoon at Raby Bay Harbour Park
146-148 Shore Street West
Cleveland QLD

Click HERE for directions.



If a viable option, I highly recommend getting to a train station on the Cleveland line and catching it out to Cleveland (the last stop on the Cleveland line).  If you are near the Cleveland line this will most likely be faster than driving, and is an especially good choice if, like me,  you are planning on drinking alcohol.  😊



Here is the train timetable for the day.


We depart at 7.30, and they request people arrive 15 minutes prior to departure so the training arriving at 7.05am is a good choice, and does mean you have the train that arrives 7.20am as a backup if you just miss it.





If you choose to drive out, the charter company says this about parking:


Please avoid parking in the Raby Bay Harbour Side Restaurant precinct as vehicles have been towed in the past at the owners expense. Aria Cruises does not accept responsibility for where you park your car.

There is free street parking available close by. Check signage for any restrictions. A suggestion for parking is Shore Street West, Bowspirit Parade and Masthead Drive in Cleveland.





What if I’m late?


If there are stragglers arriving after 7.30 presumably, we’ll be able to convince the captain to wait for a little while, but beyond a small grace period there is a real risk we will have to depart without you, which would be sad, so please factor in a little contingency/buffer to your travel plans.






I guess it’s still a thing.  The charter company sent the below in their booking confirmation email.  I believe the summary is please don’t come if you are sick and coughing everywhere.


Please be reassured that we take the health and safety of our passengers and crew very seriously and you can have confidence when booking and peace of mind knowing that we operate a safe business.

Our COVID-19 plan has been put in place to help protect our passengers and crew members from exposure to and infection from COVID-19.

Please call to reschedule your cruise if you have:

symptoms of COVID-19
been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the last 14 days
tested positive within the last 14 days or are waiting on test results