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Inspired by some of the classiest international developers around, new Brisbane development company Azure wanted something cut-through and cultured for their overall company branding and website that could flow through to an urban fringe estate of townhomes, an apartment project and a high-end luxury mid-rise project.

Working with a client like Azure allows us to really stretch our creative wings both graphically and in the copy. An emphasis on a cultured, intelligent and discerning approach across all collateral including both developer materials and the four individual projects that comprise the current collection, generated an aesthetic that echoes avant-garde European fashion, film and philosophy.

The theme aims to have a cut-through quality that emphasises quality, luxury and prestige in a way that is confident, educated and uncluttered.

The Projects

Azure Corporate

The black and white theme of our corporate work for this client, which is almost the antithesis of the meaning of the word “Azure” [a very vibrant blue] captured perfectly the client’s love of simplicity and the “less is more” approach. …

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The Residences

This development of large, three and four bedroom executive homes in a leafy and secluded setting is lent creative strength by the clarity and quality of the art direction…

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External artist impression


The tessellated graphics and rich golden hues of the Portavilla branding give an immediate impression of richness, opulence and prestige…

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Azure Developments external render


Azure’s Ancassa apartment project is a cut above, and the creative reflected this with imagery that highlights the distinctive architectural elements that are one of the development’s major qualities…

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Title-image-TheGrove3 (2)

The Grove

The location of this terrace home development in the leafy hinterland informed a creative approach that is fresh and embedded in nature…

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