Baby Jake: Designer or Coder?

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Light or Dark side? You choose.

Baby Jake JeffreyiCreate founders Sonia & Dave Jeffrey have founded a brand new entity this week, their first child: Jake Jeffrey was born this Tuesday.  David, who is currently tapping out this rather silly web page is a happy and proud new Dad.  I create this lighthearted page on our website for 2 reasons:

  1. because I can,
  2. many of our clients, suppliers and business partners that know us well, have been asking for news on Sonia’s pregnancy, and of course want to see a cute baby pic.

So here’s a shot of the little fella. Sonia and I think he’s super cool but we’re a bit biased.

The main news is both Mum & Bub (and Dad) are healthy and well, and should be back home Saturday.  So with news and photo out of the way, we can now turn our attention to the next most important question about the newest member of the iCreate family.

EDM2-smallWill he grow up to be a Designer or Developer?


For this super important question we need your help.  Vote below, and we promise to manipulate the next 20 years of his upbringing to engineer the winning choice.  So go ahead and have your say in the first social experiment of it’s kind.

*    Experiment is not real and will not actually do any of the above.
**  Or will we?
*** Definitely no. (Mum says no, and is giving me the “don’t mess with me” look)

So cast your vote!


Comments 10

  1. This is what happens when a developer becomes sleep deprived at a hospital :)
  2. Congratulations David & Sonia. That's awesome new & thanks for sharing. Wishing your little family all the best & a very merry Xmas. Love Ash & Lynn xx
  3. Mandi Springham
    You guys are AWESOME and Baby Jake couldn't be in safer hands xox
  4. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Glad all 3 of you are well, and surviving!! Have a great Xmas/New Year!!! Bev 'n' Dave Conway
  5. Kenneth Burridge
    Huge congrats guys, cute baby and all! Merry Christmas to the three of you. Love Kenny and Kate xox
  6. Lauren
    Enjoy some special christmas fun with your little man ... we couldn't be happier for you. Scott and Lauren Neilson
  7. David and Sonia What a wonderful addition to the iCreate team! Hope you're enjoying an early Christmas surprise - all the best to you and your precious new 'creation'! Thank you so much for your assistance throughout the year - best wishes from Katherine and the team at Channel Capital
  8. Congratulations for the Jeffrey trio! Enjoy your time and have a good sleep, when you can :-)
  9. Congratulations guys and welcome little Jake, what an exciting Xmas for you this year! Definitely a coder! Merry Xmas to all the iCreate team, thanks for helping me build my new little business, it's been a pleasure to work with you. Cheers, Nicole from The Style Game (the really annoying one that rings all the time) ?
  10. Congratulation David & Sonia!

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