Why your banner ads will suck in Flash – the rise of HTML 5

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Oh the double-click, it's so yesterday! Who's got time for that? As you know, the best digital marketing gets straight to the point, but now the latest Google Chrome is kicking in, any Flash ad is going to need a double-click to take your potential customers anywhere. It's just not cricket, we reckon, which is why we're shifting all our client's banners across to HTML5 coding.

The September Google Chrome September product update has disabled ALL Adobe Flash animations when someone views them using the Chrome Browser. [And our media experts reckon that’s about 40% of all web-surfing Aussies.]

So instead of an animated Flash ad looping automatically and grabbing attention straight away with colour and movement, users will have to click on a play button to start the animation, then to get to your landing page, they have to click AGAIN. By which time they’ve possibly spotted a headline about a Kardashian and you’ve lost their enthusiasm.

Never fear however, we’ve been upskilling our digital wizards in HTML5 to ensure all digital animation-based ads still give instant gratification in Google Chrome.

And for those who’ve been browsing with Mozilla Firefox, which also blocked Flash plug-ins, or Apple users [another Flash-blocker], the shift to a better digital language will ensure your marketing is not falling into the Great Divide between device fans or browser buddies.

There are some other upsides to shifting codes. HTML5 is a cross-device creative in applicable sizes, works brilliantly on both Android and iPhones, and delivers a rich and dynamic creative product for more visually engaging mobile and tablet banners. It also gives more insights and measures on viewability compared to Flash.

We’ve already delivered some terrific creative using the new code for PEET, including their property projects at Riverbank, Spring Mountain, Flagstone.

We reckon you’ll be looking great too in HTML5! Get in touch with us for more information on how to get this underway for your next ad campaign.

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