Automate your email marketing for hands-free growth

Most people don’t want to buy your product right away. They need time to build trust, and the best way to earn their trust is to deliver immediate value.

We help create and automate your email sequences and unpack all the value you offer so a name off your website becomes a paying customer.


You may have a great product or service, but customers won’t buy it if you can’t demonstrate its value. Even worse, they might not even remember you when they’re ready to buy.

Our email sequence framework is made of 6 emails that will unpack all the value you can offer to save their problem. Once complete, we automate this in your chosen email platform so you can be confident you’re nurturing clients while sleeping.

Quote includes copy, design and for iCreate to build the emails in your email platform of choice.

Click the links below to view an email sequence example for a land development project, ‘Airlie Summit’:

Airlie Summit 1
Airlie Summit 2
Airlie Summit 3
Airlie Summit 4
Airlie Summit 5
Airlie Summit 6

*To distribute these emails you will need an email marketing system, such as Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, Hubspot, Active Campaigns or similar.

To get started simply email Sonia or Simon and they will open a job in our workflow and get work underway for you.