iCreate celebrates International Women’s Day

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On a day celebrating the wonderful achievements and qualities of women around the world, it is fitting to draw attention to the admirable traits and success exemplified by iCreate Founder and Creative Director Sonia Jeffrey. Sonia was barely into her mid-20s when she laid the foundations for what would become one of Brisbane’s most sought after advertising and creative agencies.

A decade on from those early beginnings, iCreate resembles a much different beast, employing 11 full-time staff consisting of graphic designers, web developers, account managers, strategists and content creators, all of which stems from Sonia’s will to succeed.

And she is passing on her wealth of knowledge to the next generation by managing and mentoring Graphic Designers Simone Bertschinger and Kerry Bathfield, both of whom Sonia describes as being invaluable to the ongoing success of iCreate.

Sonia Jeffrey,, Simone and Kerry - International Womens Day

Simone Bertschinger | Graphic Designer, Sonia Jeffrey | iCreate founder and Kerry Bathfield | Graphic Designer. Feeling proud to lift each other up every day.

But it is Sonia’s determination, perseverance and understanding which husband and iCreate business partner and Digital Strategy Director David Jeffrey attributes to the agency’s ability of exponential growth.

“Sonia is one of the most caring, understanding and determined people I know which I believe are the traits which epitomise International Women’s Day for many,” said David who shares three-year-old son Jake with Sonia.

“Sonia and I are actually expecting our second child in August, but amazingly, pregnancy isn’t slowing her down. She is our rock and I am so grateful our children will continue to be exposed to all her wonderful qualities that set such a well-rounded example in life and business.”

And with some much-deserved time off to follow the birth of her second child later this year, Sonia said she was intent on continuing to provide impeccable service to iCreate’s valued clients.

“The evolution of iCreate has been such an amazing journey to witness and be part of and I can’t wait to see what the future holds,” she said. “I feel blessed to be able to help create and bring our clients’ visions to life by continuing to deliver the quality service iCreate was built on. We also can’t forget that while on International Women’s Day the focus is on lifting the women in our lives, but also for being grateful for the amazing men who are integral to what we do every day”


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