iCreate round-out full service offering with in-house Media Buying

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iCreate have perfectly complemented our fully integrated marketing and communication offerings via comprehensive Media Buying services. Tailored media strategies based on clients’ business goals and objectives, include a full service approach to media buying including traditional and digital platforms, social media, re-marketing and custom reporting.

iCreate’s in-depth research equals success

It is one thing to be able to get good rates, but another thing entirely to ensure your ads are strategically placed to ensure high exposure to your target audience. iCreate has a dedicated research team who spend extensive time investigating where to best place ads. Whether it be digital media placements across industry-relevant sites, social media and AdWords, or a traditional billboard, newspaper, or radio commercial, rest assured your business will be put in front of your audience every time. Once placed, results are constantly monitored and advertising is tweaked for optimum results.


Inhouse reporting software gives us an edge.

Measuring results is often a challenge with media, as different publishers famously use different attribution models to come up with their results. Totaling publisher reports can often result in a situation where the number of leads reported exceeds reality. This is because of double counting – if a user interacts with a Facebook ad, a Google remarketing ad and an REA ad over a couple of weeks before ultimately enquiring, each publisher will report this as a lead they have generated.

To address this iCreate’s development team flexed their digital and muscle to create a comprehensive reporting and tracking system that provides a single source of truth for reporting and our analysis right down to the ad placement.

This software allows us to measure and analyse media results with ease. Which platforms produced the best conversion rate and lowest cost per conversion? Where should we continue to invest our efforts for the best results moving forward? Having this data at our finger tips allows us to move quickly. Our in-house strategy and creative team are constantly keeping their pulse on the best performing media placements, messages and creative. We can continually modify ad placements and creative to ensure optimal outcomes and the highest return on investment for clients, keeping you in the loop throughout the process.

In addition to optimising our media channels, we are big advocates CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) where we split testing and improve the conversion metrics of the landing page(s) your media directs traffic to. Check out our case study on the potential of CRO here.


Nurturing strong relationships with media partners

iCreate has developed strong partnerships with key media players allowing us to negotiate the best rates for our valued clients. From metropolitan and regional newspapers, digital, radio, TV, outdoor billboards, realestate.com.au, domain.com.au and many more. iCreate’s bargaining power ensures our clients get the very best prices in all markets.


A huge win for clients seeking synergy and optimum results

Having creative and media under the one roof provides a huge benefit to our clients by synergising every step of a campaign or project. Our media buying service gives iCreate agility, resulting in faster lead times and granting the best outcomes possible for our valued clients’ campaigns.

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