Investment property marketing – how to get those EOIs rolling in

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Property marketing is a niche field where our team has accrued a stellar track record for some of the country’s biggest and more forward-looking developers. It’s art-meets-science marketing, highly targeted, and requiring a depth of knowledge of what will tick the boxes for prospective investor buyers.

Basic Principles

There are some basic principles we have developed through experience that apply to every development, whether it’s a boutique townhouse project, an apartment tower in an urban renewal area or a major masterplanned community.

The first thing is to know who you should be talking to, and get inside their heads. What’s the motivation – is it long-term capital growth? Long term rental income? Or building a portfolio that can be used as capital for further real estate endeavours?

You need to know what buyers value and the type of property they want – is it the proximity to a pool of young tenants? Is it something that will attract long-term tenants in the form of families? Or are they looking to own a prestige investment that will attract the kind of renter used to the finer things in life?


There are several research companies you can utilise the expertise of to help understand the market in any particular location. Urbis, for example, identifies three key fundaments that make for a sustainable suburb and a sound investment.

These fundamentals are population, infrastructure and employment. Time and again these three factors have proven themselves to be key to the investment picture, which is why we use them throughout the copy and creative of investor-focused collateral such as brochures, websites, EDMs and digital advertising.

A big mistake is to try and market your project to every kind of potential buyer. That can be a major waste of money and effort as no development can be all things to all people.

Instead, once we have identified the target market, we refine the messaging to highlight the factors they will consider important when making the decision to buy.

These criteria include educational facilities in the area, particularly universities, also major hospitals, retail centres and transport infrastructure. The distance from major attractions, public transport stops, major freeways and cultural and dining precincts is also important, because locations enriched with amenity are in high demand by tenants.

Investors are also looking for locations where the return on investment in terms of low vacancy rate, high rental yields and capital value are increasing over time – and this needs to be backed up with reliable and honest data and facts.

Price is also a driver for investors. They are cost-conscious and looking for a strong investment that is low risk.


Now for the fun part!

Once you have identified who you will be talking to and what you want them to know, we then consider your project and your budget, and recommend a mixed media campaign that will engage that target market and deliver the message.

The strategy always includes digital media, because a highly targeted digital campaign is such an efficient, low-cost way to get your advertising seen. It is also trackable and measurable so you can see the results, from the click rate through to the conversion on your website/landing page.

We’re very proud of the work we do as a specialist Property Marketing Agency. To see what that work looks like, explore our online portfolio, or simply get in touch so we can achieve outstanding branding and beautiful bottom line results for you.

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