Armakeggon Festival Lead Capture Page

The annual Armakeggon Festival has become a highlight of the bright, bold Brisbane social scene and every year iCreate has the fun task of helping make sure the word gets out and the punters get their tickets. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!


Our creative task combines building on the developed brand identity for the festival while at the same time making the lead capture page fresh and compelling. For 2016 it was all about bold, dynamic graphics that echo street art and edgy urban culture.

The landing page is a click through from an uber-creative video by Ride Free Media, so there also need to be a sense of consistency with the video when people land at the ticketing portal.

Launch Armakeggon Landing page


There were several key things that needed to be quickly and dramatically highlighted – the fact there would be 40-odd craft beers and spirits to sample. The general sense of occasion and the vibe of the event, and the surrounding entertainment and incentives were displayed in a mix of graphics, text and images from prior festivals.

Each section of the lead capture page ends with a call to action that clicks through to ticket purchase, and to really heighten the air of urgency around booking, iCreate’s digital team coded a nifty countdown widget that displayed on the page and made it clear there was a limited opportunity to buy tickets.

A notification bar (or Hello bar) was added to the top of the page.  This let users know they could buy discounted early-bird tickets until a certain date.  This device proved very successful in increasing conversions and was the most clicked-on call-to-action element on the page.


Notification bars – they work really well!

User experience

The web presence is high on visual impact but essentially low-fuss. It loaded easily across all devices and browsers, and could be shared easily on social media.
Being easy to navigate made it very much a cut-to-the-chase experience, while still giving enough visual stimulation to give site visitors an idea of what to expect and why the event is a must-attend.


The landing page contributed to a very successful campaign.  The event was sold out. A much larger porportion of tickets were pre-sales than the year before.  This gave the organisers a clearer idea of the total number of attendees.  This meant he client was able to plan better, and ensure a smooth-running, successful event that was enjoyed by call (including several iCreate staff).

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