Azure Developments

The black and white theme of our corporate work for this client, which is almost the antithesis of the meaning of the word “Azure” [a very vibrant blue] captured perfectly the client’s love of simplicity and the “less is more” approach.

The discerning tastes of simplicity and class were integral to our brief for Azure, a new development company which sees experts in their field come together to form Azure.

iCreate was engaged to breathe life into this new company which plans to revel the big developers and quickly establish itself as a developer whose close attention to detail and impeccable quality will be implemented into masterplanned townhouse and exclusive residence precincts that is rarely seen.

Creative work for Azure includes;

The elegant yet striking typeface of the company name, with its underline and the organic flourish in the “A” generates a sense of immediate presence and really “owns” the letters. As an element that is so integral to every piece of communication by or about the company, its uniqueness makes for immediate recognition.

Across all the new branding, from logo and business cards to company website, the black and white theme created a look that is bold, strong, uncomplicated and honest – yet at the same time sophisticated and smart. There’s a feeling of directness and clarity of purpose that reflects the approach of the client to their projects.















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