Bluewater Masterplanned Property Branding

About The Project

iCreate won the Bluewater account by pitching against a number of competing agencies. Our objective was to improve on the previous agency’s advertising strategy and collateral resulting in higher rates of enquiry.

iCreate worked with Bluewater’s marketing manager to produce a year of varied campaigns across all media channels. This included TV, direct mail, upgraded signage, point of sale material, radio and print. Particular urgent focus was spent on improving digital assets, which were under achieving. We quickly developed a new website, and a series of landing pages targeting different target markets, housing products, and special campaigns.

After a year with iCreate, Bluewater’s marketing manager reported significant increases in enquiry across all recorded metrics including a 409% increase in web enquiry. At the same time expenditure per enquiry reduced by 43%. In accordance with these improved metrics, Bluewater recorded much improved sales for the year.




Bluewater has continued to work with iCreate and this year our brief was slightly different;

  • Redefine and strengthen the overarching Bluewater brand to establish a clear-cut, consolidated and unequivocal identity going forward.
  • Promote Bluewater to the right audience across a range of Media adopting a full year approach to the marketing strategy rather than adhoc
  • Create a template for current & future stage developments & sub brands; that work in harmony with the Bluewater brand whilst enhancing the brand equity & brand awareness of Bluewater
  • Branding should include product shots and location, rather than abstract.
  • Place greater emphasis on the fact that this is an established and growing masterplanned community.
  • Action a strategic photoshoot & videography that supports all aspects of the developments marketing strategy and target markets. Including product, streetscapes, lifestyle, location & amenity

We have begun rolling out the campaign creative across a range of media including

  • Press Advertising
  • advertising
  • Strategic signage placement
  • Improved on-site signage
  • Radio Advertising
  • TVC Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Website

So far this year we are seeing positive results from the targeted approach to the media and the demographic in the imagery. We are currently working with Brookfield on a sales display village which will be launched early 2016.



Bluewater TVC Ad

Bluewater Living Campaign 2015 from iCreate Solutions on Vimeo.










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