Gasworks Sales Display App

Digital wizardry delivering a dynamic new sales tool

iCreate’s primary goal is to help clients in the property sector achieve exceptional sales. For Tom Dooley Developments’ Gasworks Residences, we got to stretch the envelope of our digital expertise, with a custom-made app for the display centre that enables prospective buyers to be taken on an interactive virtual walk-through. It’s the kind of job we relish, applying out-of-the-box thinking and coding brilliance to enhance the toolkit available to project sales agents.



The Challenge

There were a few key parameters our team had to engage with, including the need for the app to operate off the sales display centre computers, rather than be hosted via a server. The WordPress platform we specialise in was not going to suit this requirement, so our team aimed to write the product’s bespoke code in a Javascript framework to deliver an app experience without the need for hosting.

The client also needed to be able to update the product, and edit or change aspects of the content. Generally with our websites, we create a “back end” element clients use to get in and update information, but as the product operates solely off-line, this was going to require a different solution.



The Solution

Mission accomplished! The end product is a simple executable file that launches the app. Because we’re always focused on making it easy for clients to manage and update content, we chose an efficient and simple approach of creating a basic updatable text file for the content.

For users, the experience is seamless, taking clients on a visually-rich journey of how it would be to be living in one of the Gasworks Residences Apartments. The app functionality means the user can swipe and select to view photos, choose a specific level to view floorplans and virtually walk through the building as a whole, gaining a really compelling and clear picture of what the apartments offer.



The outcome

The client was extremely pleased with our digital approach, as it made their life easier as the sales campaign unfolded. The feedback from the sales agents has also been extremely positive, with one commenting it is one of the best tools they have ever had for walking people through.

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