Flagstone City Launch Campaign

Peet rely on iCreate to create and deliver enticing digital creative campaigns to support the mainstream TV, press and brochure advertising their non-digital agency creates.

The new Flagstone project is a masterplanned city of 12,000 new homes which incorporates a major retail centre, commercial office space for small to medium enterprises, social and recreation facilities, numerous schools and childcare facilities as well as an extensive network of parks and open green space.

The value proposition for buyers and investors is being part of an attractive community at an achievable price point for land or house and land packages. Flagstone also has the benefit of being within a 45 minute commute from employment hubs in Brisbane.

“The heart of South East Queensland… is about to be transformed.”

Design and delivery

Working strictly to the Peet style guide and maintaining consistency with the core brand messaging for Flagstone, iCreate developed a three stage digital advertising campaign for realestate.com.au.

Peet supplied our team with billboard creative and a tagline developed by the offline creative agency, and our graphics and digital department used those elements as the starting point for the campaign.

The HTML5 animated ads needed to have visual wow factor, concise copy lines and engage the target audience. The first to roll out on December 28th was a teaser campaign for the pre-launch that evoked curiosity with its message that “The heart of South East Queensland… is about to be transformed.”

The final frame with its call to action of “Claim your part of it!” and the project tagline “Live Life More”, coupled with a “discover more” button on each frame, resulted in a solid number of online enquiries within just a few weeks.

The second part of the campaign, the launch phase, cuts to the heart of things with an immediate call to action to “get in early” with product and pricing messaging. The image-driven digital collateral went live and resulted in further online enquiries. It follows the same fun, alert and evocative aesthetic of the stage one ads.

The third stage – still under wraps – is the “now selling” clarion call for buyers. It combines the now-established visual brand presence with the sales message in an engaging and distinctive fashion, ensuring the ads stand-out on-screen across both desktop and mobile web applications.



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