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Hair Free Centre Website Design

There’s so much more to this website than what you see....

Bespoke Website Design

Being in the highly competitive hair removal and beauty services industry meant Hair Free Centres needed a website design that is welcoming and distinctive creatively, and encourages site users to engage and act promptly to make a booking.

It’s not only what users see that is special about the website either. Our digital team built in some extremely slick behind-the-scenes functionality that has benefits for both customers and each of the 21 semi-independent Hair Free Centre clinics.

One of the client’s core requirements for the creative was a need to appeal to a wide range of demographics and genders. The centres are located across both urban and regional Queensland, Western Australia and also the Northern Territory, so the look needed to resonate broadly.

Design and Strategy

iCreate’s creative team focused in on the concept of “hair freedom” and the kinds of benefits people feel after having an IPL treatment or a beauty treatment. So the images, fonts and palette of the branding all have a spacious, warm, relaxed and uplifted feel about them that communicates the concept of freedom in an over-arching way.

Large imagery and intuitive navigation guide visitors to the various services and the pages specific to each individual centre in a seamless and fluid way.

Our digital team also applied themselves to making the user experience and the booking experience super-smooth. Each page has a “book now” button that prompts users to enter their postcode.

Then a bespoke piece of Javascript code developed as a WordPress plug-in utilises the Google Maps API to make a radius search and directs the user to the nearest centre’s own pages with services and pricing information.

The booking function also integrates with the Hair Free Centre’s own pre-existing booking widget, Timely. This web interface manages all the bookings across every location, along with pricing and services details.


The Outcome

Since it went live, iCreate have also added extra features at the client’s request, including the rather nifty specials functionality. The specials are specific to different locations, and are both linked to the individual location page and also appear via a tab that then directs people to the specific clinics where the current specials are available.


Hair Free Centre Website Design - built responsively for mobile

Hair Free Centre Website Design for tablet

Individual franchise pages

Each franchise has its own pages within the site where they can add details about their services and people, and link to their specific social media feeds including Facebook and Instagram.

The franchise team can also log-in to the site and add or alter elements as they wish, including uploading testimonials from clients and updating prices, services, staff details and specials.

This means each centre can cultivate its own, distinct personality as well as leverage the overall brand.


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