Level 27 Chambers

This sophisticated and conservative Chambers of Barristers in central Brisbane needed to present a digital front that is very much “now” while still maintaining the professionalism clients look for in people they rely on to advocate on tricky matters of law.

The level of digital expertise at iCreate means we do far more than create standard webpages. We like to play – exploring how the digital medium can be most effectively utilised to create fresh and innovative solutions. Barristers Chambers like Level 27 come with a certain air of gravitas and conservatism, however, the use of sophisticated design has given them a site that is really quite cutting edge.

Features include;

  • Barrister search function
  • PDF CV generator
  • Ability to build a personal user portfolio of barristers of interest
  • Large case study library

The creative design maintains a sense of prestige, history and seriousness, while still have a certain “glow” that evokes a photographic sense similar to that found in upper echelon magazines and portraiture. Think Vogue magazine in court robes and wig.













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