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Sensitive topics like prostate cancer or other prostate issues require an especially astute touch to create a digital presence that is welcoming, reassuring and informative. The website iCreate designed and built for QProstate is all that and more, providing both a marketing presence and an excellent information resource.

Deliver A Message

Being a medical website, it was imperative that extensive amounts of information could be communicated effectively and absorbed by users. The demographics of the audience were carefully considered when designing and developing, as this plays a significant role in the users interactive with the website. The information around the website was written by a medical professional but explained in a way to be understood by the general public. Critical information on every step of the prostate analysis process are easily available whilst navigating the website.

A Design That Sets QLD Prostate Clinic Apart

With billions of sites on the web and many more being created each year, it’s fair to say that a website has to stand out to get any attention. A key goal for QLD Prostate Clinic was to stand out among the crowd of medical clinics in the area. Our professional designers realised that while the design needed to be eye catching, it also needed to fit the tone of the medical field and look professional. The custom design utilised bright imagery and a clean layout to achieve this while allowing detailed information to be presented in an effective way to consumers.

SEO is also an important consideration to take into account when creating a site that stands out among the crowd. iCreate uses an extensive SEO checklist, tailored to individual sites that we develop, to ensure best practice is used and the websites are visible in the market. QLD Prostate Clinic was optimised to display in medical industry searches, especially prostate clinic searches, and is consistently among the top results for Queensland clinics and related phrases.

It was also important that the website could be read on multiple devices, including tablets and mobiles. As such, the website was optimised to be responsive on different screen sizes to be viewed at home or on the go.

Connect With Patients

It was important when creating the QLD Prostate Clinic website that patients could be in contact with Dr Swindle. After browsing the website to get the information they were looking for, patients could contact the clinic or book an appointment. Contact details can be easily found in the site header or on the designated contact page, and an appointment booking form, which gathers key details about the clients intended visit to the clinic and the best way to contact them, is connected to eye-catching call to actions across the site.


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