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It’s a real thing of pride to be able to make something work harder, smarter, faster and more effectively, like we did for Templeton Property when our digital development and programming team created new custom plug-ins for their website and CRM platform. The agents are now better equipped behind the screens to achieve results, with a major reduction in the amount of busy keystroke work to get there.

Templeton Property My Desktop Integration




One complexity about the forms from MyDesktop though, is the data is in XML, a language that computers read really well, but one that is very hard for the average human to make sense of. So iCreate initiated the idea to develop a plugin that sits unobtrusively behind the scenes at the company’s website, which translates the XML into website listing pages and shortcuts automatically. Neat huh!

This piece of elegant programming is also constantly on the lookout for any fresh XML data that might have been created.

There’s a productivity benefit also, because agents can fill out the property details anywhere they can login to the web application, using a tablet, iPad or laptop. That also means listings can be uploaded faster, without needing to return to base. The information will be appearing everywhere they want it to without the need for multiple forms, website logins or any email requests – which also reduces the chance of errors.

Our custom plug-in also means less stress, as the agents know for sure the information is in sync across all the relevant sites – and they never have to worry they completed an update at the Templeton Property site but ran out of time to get it up on REA.

One other thing – because we’re a creative agency, our graphics department worked closely with programming to make sure everything looks fantastic. The site makes it easy to search, filter and sort listings, and every property and its data is displayed beautifully on individual web pages with added features like a popup lightbox for property photos. It’s called ticking all the boxes behind the scenes, so there’s less of them to tick at the front end to get a result.

There’s an old saying – what the world needs is more fun, and less paperwork, and we couldn’t agree more. Even if it’s virtual paperwork!

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