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In an industry as competitive as real estate sales, creating a sense of uniqueness and attractiveness is paramount. As a commercial and residential property stylist, The Style Game needed a brand that would be both elegant and welcoming. The suite of creative design services we provided to build that brand included the company logo, stationary and website.


Developing a logo for a company that is focused on achieving highly bespoke and aesthetic outcomes for its clients means creating a brand identity that is professional and chic without “boxing it in” to one specific genre.

The logo we developed reflected this, with a clean, uncluttered and classic font. On the company stationary such as business cards, the clarity of the logo is complemented on the reverse side by the inviting richness of one of the client’s showcase projects.

iCreate’s approach to the visual and graphic design of the website was also founded on the personality and approach of the client.

Visual appeal needed to be strong and compelling, and reflect the expectations and needs of those looking to have their home or business styled in order to attract buyers or tenants.

The Style Game Logo Design

The Style Game Business Card Design






The obviously classy, contemporary and welcoming nature of the client’s interior design and styling is mirrored in the site’s layout, fonts and content organisation.

iCreate’s digital team gave the majority of content pages a feature product strip that clicks through to more extensive, image-rich project portfolio and service pages. The overall design strategy was to let the images do the talking, so there are minimal “frills” and visual distractions.

The site features an abundance of high-quality photos of project work, and also a back-of-house functionality that enables images to be added or changed by the client when showcase projects have recently been completed.

The Style Game Website Design

User experience

The brand iCreate developed is one that combines timelessness and an air of quality, while making an aspirational look appear highly achievable to users.

The site is easy to navigate, with an intuitive structuring of the content that draws visitors through the site according to their area of need.

An FAQ section uses a lean and simple layout that is simple to navigate and also allows the client to deliver a significant amount of information without having a cluttered appearance or needing the user to scroll down constantly to find what they are after.

A static “contact us” tab on the right hand side of every page makes the click-through decision simple at any point, without users needing to navigate to the tabs at the top of the web pages.


The website features a carousel of testimonials, which showcases the feedback that The Style Game receives from satisfied customers. This works to add credibility and creates trust with website visitors.

All in all, the experience is both visually rewarding and also reinforces the branding message that having The Style Game stage your property is both simple and worthwhile.

The Style Game Website Design is also responsive

Lynton, Val and all the team, thank you for your brilliant work on my new website and cards, you are all legends! Nicole – The Style Game

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