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USWIM - Proivding Swimming Lessons to the world!

The Brief

iCreate loved the concept of USWIM. Professional video swimming lessons from Australia for parents and kids all across the globe. The videos, made by professionally trained swim instructors, shows parents what and how to teach their child at each level their progression. We were keen to get on board and produce the website.

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Required Functionality

USWIM required a bit of custom development, but certainly nothing to stretch our talented team of inhouse WordPress web developers. Some of the functionality included:

  • Custom LMS (Learning Management System) functionality
  • Progression tracking and awards
  • Allow (and encourage) users to submit their own success stories. *A neat little touch, is the website automatically adds a flag belonging to the user’s country using an API.


The client and parents all around the world were happy with the end product. A lightweight, intuitive and easy to use website.


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