Wylas Timing Website Design

As the developer and provider of a cutting edge digital solution for competing athletes, Wylas Timing needed a website that also functioned like a fast, lean, high-calibre machine.

iCreate’s work included developing the initial company website and app interface, plus recently a suite of updates that incorporates a whole tranche of elegant programming wizardry with multiple benefits for the client, and their customers.

The website is the main point of entry into the client’s marketplace, and the point of purchase for licenses for the timing software and associated hardware including starter guns and displays.

We also added some digital elements that instantly create the software license tokens when users sign up for a free trial or make a purchase, and these are further linked into the CRM database and to customer receipts. That means customers can start using the app and software straight away.

We integrated a ZenDesk ticketing system for end-to-end management of help requests and other customer contact, and the integration with the client’s DHL shipping account is a thing of beauty! The customer simply enters their postcode, and the programming adds up the weight of items, automatically gets a price from DHL and delivers a price on shipping straight away. It also creates a DHL shipping ticket for Wylas Timing’s dispatch department, and supplies the customer with the shipment tracking number on their receipt.

Just recently, a tiered pricing function for major wholesale clients was also added, to enable the client to provide two levels of discount automatically for either whole orders or specific products to nominated bulk purchase customers.

We think the combination of extremely hardworking code and elegant solutions makes this website a real champion.



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