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Step 1 – We Give the Project Vision and Vibrancy

Branding and strategy by a creative agency who live and breath property every day.

Place-making starts with a plan and a goal – our role is to translate that into a distinctive identity that will capture the attention of the market and make it dynamic and tangible. Together, we create the designs and images that will capture imaginations and generate buyer appetite and the desire to be part of your development.

Step 2 – We Make the First Impression Count

By delivering outstanding creative.

By combining creative flair with a solid grasp of your project’s market fundamentals, we create the materials that recruit prospective buyers and swiftly and clearl y communicate your development’s unique brand offering and benefits.

Step 3 – We Drive Enquiry to Your Sales Team

With targeted advertising, and our secret sauce.

Our experience in working with both digital and traditional media is your ally, as we develop a strategy that will maximize your reach through the judicious placement of advertising in the channels most appropriate for your target market. We are also budget savvy, leveraging research and our experience to ensure cost­effective campaign deployment.


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Small development projects are all about bang for buck – that is knowing what advertising choices are going to give you the best returns. iCreate will take time to understand the product, its points of difference and the intended buyer profile. Depending on the location, demographic and mix of investor vs owner occupier, iCreate will be able to offer tailored advice on where and when to advertise. Combine this with our amazing creative, and your project will be ready to hit the market.



Large townhouse development projects require multiple phases of marketing campaign. Presales, launch, and sell-out. It is important to begin with a solid strategy that considers unique selling point of the projects as well as fundamentals of the location and target market demographics and psychographics. During the lifecycle of the project it is important to monitor the relative success of different campaigns and channels and be ready to pivot, and later the strategy based on incoming data.



We have extensive experience promoting both small-scale and master planned communities – from initial branding right through to sell-out. This means that we know the stages a development goes through over the life of a project, and we know how to tell this story to an audience in a compelling, enticing way that gets results.



When it comes to selling apartments, strategic creative thinking and captivating design ensure iCreate drive enquiry and achieve bottom-line results for our clients. This is backed by the end-to-end branding, strategy, design and digital solutions applied to a number of apartment projects marketed by iCreate Solutions.


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