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What is a Single Screen Lead Capture Page?

A Single Screen Lead Capture Page is very popular format as all the content of page appears ‘above the fold’ – meaning no scrolling is required to view all the contents of the page.  (of course on mobile devices, some scrolling is inevitable with the smaller screen size, but is minimal compared to a traditional web page)

In one full screen, the lead capture page shows the headline message, hero graphic or video and the conversion element (normally a form).

Normal Uses

As the canvas is quite small, you cannot fit much content in these landing pages.  For this reason it is a good format for products or promotions that are easily explained, on in particular for pre-sales or ‘teaser’ campaigns when you are deliberately only releasing small amounts of information, and establishing an early audience of those that want to be kept in the loop.


Show me an Example

The below property example, uses a non conventional conversion form that asks the user a question with graphical buttons, rather than immediately presenting text input fields for contact details.  As the user clicks an answer, they are presented with a series of other questions, to better engage the user before presenting them with a very minimal contact details form.

This fun type of engagement is not only shown to increase conversion, when the salesperson receives the enquiry, they will know a lot more about what sort of product the user is interested in.


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