Get a professional presence online quickly and economically with a single-page business profile site.

If you have a startup, you know you need a web presence, but you also have a lot on your plate, and your new business is currently fluid and evolving.

You may not have totally locked in your final service offering, decided who your ideal target market is, how you want to position yourself, and exactly what makes your business different from your competitors.
You do know that you want your website done right however.

Often the best answer is to start small with a single-page profile site. This will give you an online presence. Then a few months down the track, we can add additional pages, content or functionality when you are finding your groove and have more content to share (such as testimonials, case studies, and insights into your ideal customer’s pain points).

Icreate can give you this early online presence and build it smartly so we can quickly evolve the site into something more extensive when you are ready.

Customers can find you

When prospects are referred to your business, they'll naturally want to look you up. You need a professional online presence to turn a referral into an enquiry.

A place to diect advertising

A profile page doubles as a fantastic landing page for marketing, whether social media, google ads, or traditional advertising.

Easily expand when ready

Later, when you are ready for it, this backend is all set up and ready to be expanded into a more extensive website.

Show me an example

Peregian Springs Real Estate

Peregian Springs started with a single-page website when they first started, with plans to flesh out with listing functionality, blog content and other service pages down the track. This was a single-page site at the time of writing but may have been expanded since then. If so, just look at the home page and pretend the navigation isn't there; that will give you an idea of how it looked initially View site here

Kai Konstruct

It was some years ago now that Kai Konstruct started with a single-page profile site with icreate. Since then, their business has flourished, and their site has grown with them to accommodate their awards, case studies, video content and more.

We include this as an example of how a single-page profile site can grow organically with your business. View site here