The Good News Bell

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In a busy office it can be challenging to get everyone’s attention in a classy way – which is why iCreate has a good news bell. It’s rung when someone has something to tell everyone like finishing up a major collaborative project, gaining a new account, or simply something to announce that everyone will probably want to hear. We think it’s important to have a way the whole team can take a moment to share in someone’s success or cheer when we’ve all just cleared a major digital, creative or campaign milestone.

There’s been plenty of reasons to ring it this month, as the momentum builds towards the end of the year and a number of major projects for our clients reach the finish line. It also got everyone’s heads up from the desks when we announced the plans for the office Christmas party.

We held it nice and early compared to most, because the last month before official merrymaking season is usually absolute pedal-to-the-metal warp speed creative and production time. November is just that tiny bit calmer!

Off we all trooped for a fun round of putt putt golf at Victoria Park, which was a hoot. Lynton proved the best player by a narrow margin ahead of Dave, while Sonia and Simon vied strongly for the wooden spoon prize. Looks like they won’t be trading the desks for the pro golfing green anytime soon…

Following the games the whole team set off for more fun – dinner and a bellyful of laughs at the Comedy Club with entertainment by the extremely hilarious Rhys Nicholson.

Now we’re all awaiting a particular ringing of the good news bell from Dave. Stay tuned to find out what he and Sonia have been cooking up!



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