Branding and Logo Development

Dylan Sarra Branding

Capturing the creative and professional branding of indigenous artist Dylan Sarra.

The Brief

Sarra came to iCreate for a branding strategy and logo design that had an emblematic sense about it, while reflecting a contemporary approach to design rather than the typical “dot”-style iconography.

The branding and logo also needed to inspire recognition and engagement across a diverse number of markets – the corporate world, the education sector and private art buyers.

This reflects the current mix of projects he undertakes, including commissioned pieces for corporations, school murals and workshops, permanent street art and work sold to private collectors.

Because working with young people from Prep to Year 12 to encourage them to value their identity and communicate artistically is core to Sarra’s work, the logo also needed to resonate with any community in Australia.

In the future, he plans to extend his talents to textiles, initially looking at the women’s fashion industry, sporting jerseys and homewares such as bedspreads.


Design and strategy

The choice of the turtle speaks to Sarra’s traditional cultural symbols, and it has been given a sleek, modern and sophisticated illustration by iCreate’s graphic design team. Combined with his name, it evokes a recognisable sense of strong personal identity.

The logo and brand works across a number of presentations that are suitable across various creative products and market segments, from a slick black-and-white that has a crisp and professional sense of confidence, through to watercolour backgrounds and shading that evoke vision and street-art stylisations that echo murals and youth culture.








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