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Lorna Jane, the market leader in Women’s activewear, engaged iCreate to re-design their Move Nourish Believe (MNB) site. Beyond a new, fresh and re-energised design, there was a long wish list of features to both improve user experience and empower content creators to produce better content with greater efficiency.

More than just a blog, Move Nourish Believe is Lorna Jane’s primary channel for publishing content that speaks to customers about their core values of Active Healthy Living. Content ranges from subjects such as recipes, workout videos or inspirational stories with the site much more akin to an online magazine. iCreate needed to reflect the vibrancy of the brand, while also allowing for the strength of the content to shine through.


The main objective for the website was to increase user engagement. We wanted content to be better displayed, more easily discovered, and we wanted users to keep reading after they had finished their current article.

The key for the project was to create a flexible way for their many authors to layout this diverse content in a manner that best suits each article. iCreate developed a custom page builder called “Bricks” which makes it simple to use a range of layout options in any given article. In contrast to this flexibility, there were some types of content (such as recipes) that called for their own tailored structured template which enable efficient content creation, and a front-end layout that would display consistently as the user expects – like a recipe book, and print perfectly.

To encourage ‘binge reading’ we added an infinite-scroll feature to prompt related articles to automatically load at the bottom of the page when the reader reaches the end of the article. This is just a sampling of the smarts baked into the project. It was choc full of neat techo wizardry such as using geographically distributed caching to improve performance and display different trending content by region.



Lorna Jane was extremely satisfied with their new website. They had the fresh new design they were looking for and an improved new experience for their content creators and their audience.



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